How do you feel about generic Health trends & truths? Annoyed!

My health is unique

We all know those little tips and tricks that we incorporate into our daily lives and that make us feel healthier.
Drink more water, eat more ginger, worry lessmeditate in the morning. Those are nice little pieces of advice and they don’t harm.
I feel happy doing them, as I actively contribute to my overall Health!

Well, if I don’t forget. I forget!

Therefore, I asked myself the question – Why it is so hard to follow health suggestions or even diets or any other behavioral change that has a positive impact on my wellness (at least that’s what everyone says and thinks) or that even free me from my pain?  

There are surely many reasons, but the most appealing for me is:

I am starting to be annoyed by generic Health suggestions! 

Especially by the ever changing evidence on diets, workouts and supplements. There is new evidence every day for the majority of wellness trends showing that they don’t work for the majority of people and even worse: They might be harmful!
Are those trends actually beneficial? Do they help me or do they help their creators?

I am annoyed
by the feeling I get, if I just do it my way. It is this feeling of guilt mixed with some parts of laziness or indiscipline when again I didn’t stick to a health suggestion and moved on trying something else to finally become more energetic, slimmer, more mindful!

I want this to change! I will not stop to constantly challenge my health and well- being but I will stop to compare it to somebody else’s achievements in wellness or fitness.
Isn’t health quite personal?

I am annoyed,
that most of those health trends actually never really make me reach my goal, but obviously – according to Instagram- help many others!
I start to wonder – Is this specific diet/ meditation technique or else really what I personally need, to become and stay healthy? Does it even harm me? Does the fact that it works for someone else really imply that it should work for me – and if not- then I must have done it wrong? Hmm…Doubts everywhere, all the time!

I am annoyed
by collective truths that tell me that this is healthy, this not! I am an individual, I live in different circumstances, a different context physically and mentally than any other person.

This makes the 30th coffee study more than useless! Should I personally drink coffee or not?

I am annoyed
by Must- haves, Must-do’s, Must go’s!
Feels like health equals your spending or adherence to something that changes constantly or is over-rolled by a bigger, better trend anyway!

Therefore, I want to find my own health path! Natural & Holistic! I want to feel good about myself. I want to spend my energy on living and sharing moments with family & friends rather than being constantly busy becoming more energetic and healthy!

That’s why I believe in the fact that #MyHealthIsUnique.

What are you doubting about wellness trends and generic truths in Health & Wellness? Or are you not annoyed at all? Let us know – we’d love to discuss!
Come and exchange with us and with holistic health experts in a save and respectful environment!

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April 12, 2017