Why your kids love your holistic & natural health

holistic parenting

As a woman, you probably are living a relatively healthy holistic lifestyle with conscious food choices and regular work out.
This changes for most of us, as soon as we become a mom, even though this is the most important time for women to take care of themselves!
Most of your time is spent worrying for your kids’ well being, health and of course spending quality time with them.

Being a mother is such a wonderful learning experience and a gift. However, it has its challenges and sometimes you may forget about your own health and wellness when caring for your children.
Especially for new moms learning to adjust, it can be difficult to create balance and structure to ensure you are healthy and being the best mom you can be.

Being the best mom version of yourself and giving your baby the best natural and preventive health education requires one step before that! You have to actually know what you are doing, right?! Maybe also a little experience applying it to yourself!

As almost everything – it starts with changing perspective from ‘ I cannot care too much for well being as I need to spend all my time on my baby ‘ to ‘ I need to take care of myself because then I can apply the things learned on my child’s health education and both of us are taken care of’
Holistic health for yourself and your baby (or even family) is not a time competitive matter it is more like a chain reaction. You’ll do good – all the rest will do great!


Let’s look at your biggest advantages of living a healthy, balanced & and holistic lifestyle!


Your kids absorb your mood!
Children are directly influenced by the atmosphere their moms or parents spread at home! If you are stressed but can cope with it, if you are sad but don’t break out in tears all the time, your kids will feel the strength that is transported via your aura!

If they are surrounded by positive energy, they will become positive children!


You’ll have more energy & power to handle job, family life and everything else!
Being all that is by no means an easy job! That’s why we have to carefully choose what we eat, how we sleep, what we spend our time and energy on etc.!

Please don’t fall in the trap of taking many supplements. You have all you need out there in the right food (right food  is food that’s good for you individually as opposed to healthy food in General!)
Try to re- learn where your energy comes from, what is good and bad behavior for you as a unique body, soul and context of a certain life circumstance!
This takes me to the next point as there seems a lot to learn!


All we know & apply about natural & holistic health our kids will take over!
We pass on habits and knowledge to our kids as they observe us and follow their role model! We always try to be the best role model and healthy lifestyle routine will benefit them all their lives and it will hopefully prevent alternative and natural medicine from being totally replaced by our ‘pill – taking’ generation!

Nevertheless, Holistic health is not something that you just learn or read about! It takes long studies to become an expert and honestly speaking when you start reading through the internet yourself you’ll find a lot of inaccurate and even dangerous information! Watch out!

Luckily many people specialize and turn their passion into a living! There a professionals out there from Dieticians, nutritional therapists, over to Reiki healers, energy healers and many more!
They already have acquired this knowledge and made it their job to help you become naturally healthy moms and women!
How to combine your ‘time consuming’ holistic health lifestyle with allocating enough time to the kids?

image-3Your children don’t always (never!) have the same interests as you!
The last thing that they want is spend their precious play time with you in the waiting room of your Dietician or joining you when having your Ayurvedic consultation!

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October 20, 2016