Want radiant and clear skin? Drop the skin products and heal your gut!

how to get rediant and clear skin

We often forget how important our skin is for our health. Clear skin is a reliable indicator of our overall level of health and well-being.

Being the largest organ, it provides an immediate barrier between the internal tissues and the environment. It protects the body from the effects of temperature and chemical and microbial attack. At the same time as preventing harmful substances from entering the body, the skin also tansports out what what the body does not need any more.

Recent research shows a clear association between gut problems and skin disorders.  Another report indicated that small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), a condition involving inappropriate growth of bacteria in the small intestine, is 10 times more prevalent in people with acne rosacea than in healthy controls, and that correction of SIBO in these individuals led to marked clinical improvement.

Important to realize is that, 14% of patients with ulcerative colitis and 24% of patients with Crohn’s disease have skin manifestations.  Celiac disease also has cutaneous manifestations, such as dermatitis herpetiformis, which occurs in 1/4 of celiac sufferers. Celiacs also have increased frequency of oral mucosal lesions, alopecia and vitiligo.

How gut inflammation affects the skin?

The main function of the skin is to act as a physical, chemical and antimicrobial defense system. Studies have shown that both stress and gut inflammation can impair the integrity and protective function of the epidermal barrier. This in turn leads to a decrease in antimicrobial peptides produced in the skin, and an increase in the severity of infection and inflammation in the skin.

Substance P is a neuropeptide produced in the gut, brain and skin that plays a major role in skin conditions. Altered gut microbiota promotes the release of substance P in both the gut and the skin, and probiotics can support this.

Probiotics may improve your skin and total wellness

Probiotics are living bacteria and yeast that are beneficial to health, especially the digestive system. Bacteria is often thought of as something that causes disease. However, bodies are full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often referred to as “good” or “helpful” bacteria, because they help keep the gut accomplish its complex tasks.
They contribute to total wellness, including skin health and therefore are welcome helpers for skin disorders.

How do Probiotics help our skin?

Probiotics affect the skin in several ways.

  • reconstructing atopic Dermatitis
  • promoting the healing of scars and burns
  • rejuvenating the skin and strengthening the skin’s innate immunity
  • Good bacteria in the gut can help eliminate the toxins and free radicals that can damage skin and cause early signs of aging.
  • Probiotics have been proven to strengthen the skin’s barrier function.
  • Probiotics help the skin to uphold moisture.

benefits of probiotics-2

Clear skin after the contraceptive pill?

Again, the gut is ultimately the pivot of your health. If it’s working properly, the rest of you fires on all cylinders. This could be minimizing intake of dairy and processed foods. Meat and dairy can cause inflammation, contributing to a host of issues, including acne.
When acne arises after you stop taking birth control pills, it’s important to establish what part of your body is screaming out. Your hormones are talking to you as you can tell by the location of your pimples and their nature. From large, painful cystic type pimples that might mean more some sort of blockage, while puss-filled, infected acne indicates some toxic buildup in the body.

Treatment of these symptoms will differ from person to person, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine which method is best for you. Don’t fear! There are a few things you can do to help with the transition to a post-pill life. Of course, the best advice is to be prepared and well supported by an experienced professional in the hormonal balance- skin field when coming off the pill.

Our suggestion is the personal Post- Pill Detox offered by Emma Olliff, our Heartgrain Naturopath, who graduated from the prestigious college of Naturopathy in the UK. She designed this special package to help you transition off the contraceptive pill without suffering from the negative post-Pill side effects such as acne, irregular cycles and hormone imbalances. Get more details!

How to restore your skin through gut health?

As skin disorders or gut imbalance increase faster nowadays than years ago, it indicates, that we disconnect more and more from the lifestyles and habits that keep our body, mind and spirit in balance, in order to feel good and look radiant. This might surely help some industries place specific skin products or any other type of supplements or medication, but there is a whole lot that each of us can do with simple and natural changes. No big & recurrent expenses. No side effects.

Several professions in holistic health specialize on exactly the skin- gut connection and help many people & families restore their skin health through different holistic gut health programs.

If you have been struggling for some time now and have tried different products  with no result, then try to consult with a Naturopath or a Nutritional therapist to look at your individual case.

Go for a personalized treatment, that has the professional exchange with you, understand your lifestyle habits and build a personalized solution based on you individually. Only then, the healing process can work properly.

Busy, and always on the run? 

Consider a remote gut- skin program offered by Emma Olliff, our Heartgrain Naturopath specializing on the skin-gut- connection.
This program includes 1 to 1 skype sessions, diagnostic & consultations, live support, diet plans and many more!
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March 12, 2017