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BodyTalk How this alternative health practice reconnects Mind & Body

What is Body Talk Therapy? For the busy ones, we put everything together in a 10 minute video. We met Duncan Bailey from Brighton in the UK, a BodyTalk practitioner who explained in simple and short words, how BodyTalk can heal physical and mental pain! Body Talk Therapy is an integrative mind/body energy therapy that draws from […]

August 26, 2018

Modern Shamanic Soul Retrieval – a mystic approach to your well-being

Out of all the services that a Shaman can provide, Soul Retrieval is the most profound, requiring a highly evolved relationship with the Spirit Realm. When we are under threat, even traumatized, as is natural in the ups and downs of living a full life, parts of our soul can cleave off in response to […]

August 26, 2018

How do you feel about generic Health trends & truths? Annoyed!

My health is unique

We all know those little tips and tricks that we incorporate into our daily lives and that make us feel healthier. Drink more water, eat more ginger, worry less, meditate in the morning. Those are nice little pieces of advice and they don’t harm. I feel happy doing them, as I actively contribute to my overall Health! Well, […]

April 12, 2017

Want radiant and clear skin? Drop the skin products and heal your gut!

how to get rediant and clear skin

We often forget how important our skin is for our health. Clear skin is a reliable indicator of our overall level of health and well-being. Being the largest organ, it provides an immediate barrier between the internal tissues and the environment. It protects the body from the effects of temperature and chemical and microbial attack. At the […]

March 12, 2017

8-week holisitic health weight-loss program

natural weightloss

Heartgrain has a unique  holistic health weight-loss program for you, that will completely change your relationship with food! Designed by a Nutritionist & Health coach you will finally reach your weight goals! Click on the graphic and book on!

January 18, 2017

What is Abhyanga? Learn more about Abhyanga self-massage

abhyanga self massage

Last week you had the full schedule. Meetings, events, projects. You mapped out your whole calendar to be sure it all fits. Every. Single. Day. You get slammed at work, have to pick up the kids, mow the lawn, get your car in the shop and go to your best friend’s birthday party because there’s always something […]

November 9, 2016

Why your kids love your holistic & natural health

holistic parenting

As a woman, you probably are living a relatively healthy holistic lifestyle with conscious food choices and regular work out. This changes for most of us, as soon as we become a mom, even though this is the most important time for women to take care of themselves! Most of your time is spent worrying for […]

October 20, 2016

ADHD – the drug invasion in our kid’s room

Seen on “Remember, there are two ways drug companies can make money: Invent new drugs, and invent new diseases already invented drugs can treat,” writes Dr. Jay Parkinson, M.D., M.P.H., about the fake disease-creation industry. “In the past decade or so, Big Pharma has created no less than 10 new novel drugs per year,” he adds, […]

September 15, 2016

Unhealthy food is linked to depression

 When we take a close look at the diet of depressed people, an interesting observation is that their nutrition is far from adequate. They make poor food choices and selecting foods that might actually contribute to depression. Nutrition is not only a tool to keep our body in shape- but it is balancing our mind […]

September 2, 2016

Food allergies on the rise

Why the shocking rise of food allergies? Well, there are many theories, from the infiltration of genetically modified foods to our obsession with anti-bacterial everything in an effort to sterilize our environment. But everybody is in agreement on one thing: Up until about 50 years ago allergies were rare, and now they are common. Most […]

September 2, 2016