About Heartgrain



Your health goal & your symptoms are very unique to your person! No more generic health advices! Get individualized holistic health consultations and programs designed by practitioners when and where you want!



Our mission

Our mission is to health empower you & to find the right holistic health consultation or procedure for your personal symptoms & your individual health goal!
Get guided by our certified professional practitioners and finally feel well naturally and get rid of what imbalances your body, mind and spirit!

Our practitioners offer already a basic health consultation for the uniformed price of $35, to make alternative health becomes accessible to many more people. Of course extra services and consultations can be booked!

Our professionals come from many common holistic health fields, such as Women’s health, Pediatric natural medicine, Nutrition but also Reiki and Energy healing & Spiritual balance!


If you are not sure what holistic health system best fits your need – use our matchmaker! Describe your symptoms, healthgoals and why you suffer and we will match you with the right practitioners that will suggest a personalized and individual treatment for you to finally live without any symptoms! 


#heartgrainteam_copieOur team is formed out of specialists in the holistic health sphere and experts in web development and user experience to make your online holistic health consultation the best you can get!

Heartgrain is our personal little contribution to a better world