Distance reiki healing session

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Distance reiki healing therapy
Reiki is a high vibrational living energy which helps to balance and ground you. It works on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Reiki healing therapy helps to clear blocks from the energy field and raises your vibration at the same time.

The beauty of a distance reiki healing session is that it can be set up and received at a time and place that is convenient to you.

Through intention the energy is sent to you. And the energy goes to where it needs to go not only clearing but also re-balancing and healing the body as it goes.

You may experience a number of different sensations in a session. These sensations can be anything from pulsating feelings in different areas of your body. Feelings of heat or maybe you get a sense that energy is moving or being pulled out. Visually you may see colours or images.  Old memories or emotions can come to the surface. This is perfectly normal as these memories/emotions are all just coming up to be released. You may feel discomfort in some areas. Again this is normal, and it is just showing you where your blocks are. If this happens breathe into it and go with the experience. Try not to suppress anything and just enjoy the experience. Or rare occasions you may feel very little or nothing at all, again this is normal it just means things are working on a deeper level.

A distance reiki healing session can last up to an hour and no face to face consultation is needed.

Having a reason for the healing reiki session is a good idea as it will focus the energy but ultimately the energy will go to where it is most needed.

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