Power Animal Retrieval

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Most people have at least one spirit helper in animal form. It is possible to have more. As a rule, these helpers are present whether we are consciously aware of them or not. They provide protection, assistance, wisdom, direction and companionship.

In a shamanic worldview, the individual’s personal power and physical vitality is a gift from these helpers, hence the term "power animals". These spirits generally take the form of undomesticated animals and like their physical counterparts, they are wont to come and go as they please. When one — for whatever reason — leaves the company of a person, another power animal usually appears to take its place.
However, if that does not happen, the person may experience a loss of personal power which might manifest as serious illness, emotional malaise, extraordinary bad luck, personal crisis or some other noticeable way.

I will help you finding and retrieving lost Power Animals whose return brings greater power, vitality, protection and guidance.

Neil will usually have a ***** conversation, or email exchange in advance of the session and ask for a photograph and date of birth, (or a photo of the place, in the case of Space Clearing) The session is recorded, the recording is sent to the client, and the process is completed with either an email or ***** discussion

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