Intuitive Reiki Healing- Long Distance

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Intuitive Long Distance Reiki Healing Distance reiki healing is as powerful as in person session. You will receive powerful reiki energy from the comfort of your own home. Through clear intent of receiving and with the guidance from your spirit guides will release stress, pain, anxiety, stuck energy, suffering and many other symptoms by administrating life force energy through your entire body, mind and spirit creating a deep healing to occur on all levels. During your session I will be connected with your higher self,( a picture of you can be sent to ***** as I zoom in through pictures) with your higher self's guidance I can assist in releasing energies that no longer serve you or your body creating a deep energy healing. A distance Reiki healing session can last up to an hour and I will email you a report of any issues or messages that came up during your session for your personal records, not to be used instead of medical support it is purely a message that may or may not resonate with you and totally up to you what you do with it. Book now distance reiki healing ! Inner Healing End of Life Healing Cutting Negative Cords Releasing Blocked Energy And More

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