Quickstart 30 day Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

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Do you occasionally feel lethargic, run down, or stressed? Are you unhappy with your relationship with food and simply want to get back on track?

The GOOD NEWS is that the body and mind have an amazing ability to rejuvenate, and with the right program a great deal can be accomplished in 30 days.

I WILL WORK WITH YOU to create a nutrition and lifestyle plan that encompasses all aspects of your wellbeing (physical, mental emotional and spiritual), that is sustainable.

I WILL EMPOWER YOU on your path to reclaiming your energy, your mental focus, your body's innate healing ability and to create a positive relationship with food.

What you can expect? You will complete a detailed nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire that will enable me to tailor the program specifically to your needs and goals. Then we will meet for a 60-minute session delivered via teleconference or skype. During this time, you will receive a customized lifestyle and nutrition plan that covers all aspects of your wellbeing. This includes daily wellbeing success habits that can be integrated into even the busiest of lifestyles. I will check in with you each week via email to support you through the program.

In addition to this, you will receive access to UNLIMITED SUPPORT for 30 days via email in case you have additional questions or need an added boost of motivation!

1. You complete an online nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire. This extensive information enables me to tailor the plan specifically to your needs.
2. We meet for a 60 minute session (via teleconference or skype) where I provide you with your nutrition and lifestyle plan.
3. You kick off the program and receive unlimited support via email for 30 days

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