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Men take actively care of their health less than women and are more likely to have a serious condition, research shows.

As long as they're working and feeling productive, most men aren't considering the risks to their health. But even if you're feeling healthy, a little planning can help you stay that way. The top threats to men’s health aren't secrets: they're known, common, and often preventable.

Top Men's health issues

The combination of inactivity and eating the wrong foods is the second most common preventable cause of death in the United States (smoking is the first). People with high total cholesterol have approximately twice or more the risk of heart disease as people with optimal levels. Heart Disease caused more then 25 percent of men's deaths in 2015 Life style diseases • Stress • Headache • Erectile Dysfunction • Prostate cancer • Heart Diseases • Hypertension • Diabetes mellitus

Heartgrain Men's health offer

This Men's health offer includes one full consultation of the following listed (depending on your current needs) AND a short Discovery consultation of the following listed in order for you to understand what is the best match combination for getting rid of your symptoms and at the same time pfevent any future illness from now on! Homeopathy will help get rid of all mentionned disorders naturally and have you more productive and fulfilled! Get your Homeopathy session now with Hani Have your Naturopathy session with Olianna in order to diagnose nutrition and lifestyle habits and give you a personalized planning of your diet to prevent future health problems! If you are more practitcal, then join Jo Rowkin's 30 - day nutrition program and loose weight & prevent any disease with balanced and healthy eating! Your Men's health package includes one full session of the above three and one Discovery session of the above three of around 15 minutes, where you can chat or speak with the practitioners to see what they can do for you! Instead of $49 this package is only at $35 until the end of July! Don't miss your chance and book now!

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