Helping you get healthy from the cell out with Hair Analysis!

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Through hair analysis you will learn your mineral and metal toxicity levels. Learn how to correct your individual chemistry imbalances with nutritional supplements and detoxification methods. Scientific Nutrition shows your specific needs and excesses. This is not a generalized supplementation but a program designed just for you!
What I can help with:
Copper Toxicity, Adrenal Burnout, Fatigue/Anemia, Cortisol or Aldosterone production,
Liver Health & detox abilities, Headache, Arthritis, Thyroid hormone health, Protein assimilation & catabolism, Toxic Metal load, Kidney Stress, Blood sugar/carb tolerance at cell level, Acne/Candida (yeast), Inflammation, Digestive Issues, Mental Issues: Mind Racing, Depression, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Irritibility, Poor Memory, Anger, Panick Attacks, Confusion, Insomnia and more.

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