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Your Ketheric level is the level that links you directly to ‘Source’. It is encoded with the nuclear codes of Creation, and as such, carries the Essence of Life. This Essence is within your cells already, as the living life force. It creates the atomic changes within you, that are responsible for your growth. Its templates hold the fine strands of light, which make up your Being. Your cellular changes are effected by this force, into becoming new forms of light within the fractal spheres. These are your states of embodiment, representing different levels of awareness. To be restored to Health and Wellbeing, this force must be activated within each of you. Great sages have been able to do this, such as the Christ or Krishna, and have demonstrated this ability to show you your potential. These changes are among you now, as you elevate your consciousness out of the gross density that it has been living in. A new period in your history is truly beginning – one of Miracles! This system works on your HEALTH and WELLBEING and is good for emotional and physical issues you may experience. It works on cellular level, it really make a difference in people who suffers from insomnia, stress, anxiety and also mild depression. You will feel the difference after a session. You will feel more relaxed and after more than one session you will start experiencing more changes.

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