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The Gateway has been given to us by the Avatars of Light. It is the basis of All Systems and many higher energies. It is woven into the Etheric Fabric of All the Universes, it infiltrates the Etheric levels, and it’s energy aligns with the Golden Crystal Gate, the Diamond Gate, and Solar Gate. Many Quartz crystals contain this energy. ​The energy itself, comes to us through the Stellar Gateway Portal of Light. The key codes that are contained within the downloads that I am giving, will become embedded in the receiver’s energy field, and will open, clear and activate their Stellar Gateway Chakra, and their Ascension Chakra ( located at the base of the skull) which is the gateway to Galactic Consciousness, enabling them to transmit this Divine Frequency to others. ​Please note that these functions apply to ALL the GATEWAY SYSTEMS, i,e Andromeda, Antares, Arcturus, Auriga, Excel, Genesis, Isis, Merka, Orion, and Pegasus.

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