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Why flight attendant health is at risk?
Flight and Boat crew are subject to lots of stress for the body and mind. Not only the hectic life working in shifts, working long hours, being in different places, climate zones and time zones but also the emotional pressure. They are trying to combine job and family makes this group of people a very special one when it comes to overall health!

As a holistic health platform that offers professional & personalized guidance by certified practitioners and doctors, we understand that having the possibility to have health support online can be a huge advantage for crew.

This package is a smart combination of two exclusive health services that will give you your mind- body balance back.
Improve your health naturally in a sustainable way.

How it works:
Once you book this package, you will receive a questionnaire that will take you around 10 minute to fill out. This will help us understand your preferences and needs.

The package includes one online service by one of the Heartgrain practitioners in the field of Energy healing and mind- spirit (BodyWorks, Akashic Reading, Reiki, Energy healing) and one service in the area of Nutritional therapy, as well as alternative medicine (Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine etc. ) or Women's health.

If you have any preferences and already know what services you would prefer, don't hesitate to communicate that (we will ask that separately in) the questionnaire you will receive.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are affiliated with one of our partners or have a Discount code. Just click on the green 'contact' button before you book.

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