Crystal Healing and Crystal Surgery

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I use the Crystal Reading Board for this as well and use a proxy crystal to do the healing session. Mostly, I do these sessions on the phone, but it would depend on the time difference whether this would be feasible. I don't use either Skype or mobile phones for remote healing work, however, the client can call me via Skype, to connect with my landline. I use a landline because the radio waves seriously interfere with my brain and nervous system. If scheduling real time sessions is prevented by schedule and time difference constraints, I can work with just the email connection, in the same 2 phase manner as doing the crystal readings. A full body photo and name as it appears on the birth certificate, plus place of residence, is best for tuning in. I would also like an email connection, minimal dialog for Q& A in both directions, and then I would also write a brief report of what I found, what I did and what could be expected. Estimated time: with telephonic connection 45 minutes. Estimated time with email connection: 60 minutes

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