Chakra Cleansing

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Most people will have heard and balanced the 7 main chakras. There however many more chakras in the body. Including the 21 minor chakras and the 8th chakra that also influence and impact the BodyMind.

I will address the blockages and stories that are impacting the healthy functioning of these Chakras. Offering you a clearer flow of energy within these channels.

Together we will agree on a time and date for your session to be held. It is best if you find some time to relax and tune in. Remembering to switch your phone, TV off and to make sure you won’t be disturbed.

You can choose to have the session over the phone/skype or receive a recording (that you can also listen to again to anchor the information deeper into your Bodymind).

If you choose a recording, you will receive it by email shortly after the session is finished.

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