Weight Loss Through Meditation

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There are many reasons for weight gain. The most prominent one is compulsive eating caused due to anxiety or tension. Eating stimulates satiety center of the brain. Lack of satisfaction in one’s life is actually the real culprit behind majority cases of weight gain in middle age. Because we lack satisfaction and peace, we try to stimulate the temporary chimera of satisfaction by eating.
There is a way to treat excessive weight gain permanently. The way is to generate peace of mind and satisfaction from other means than food. The results will be visible in less than 6 months time if followed religiously.

1. Prakriti Parikshana ( Body Constitution assessment)
2. Vikruti Parikshana ( Medical History)
3. One personal interview via skype for detailed diagnosis - 45 mins approx.
4. Detailed Weight loss lifestyle ( Prescribed food, sleep, sex, lifestyle habits). The procedure to follow the lifestyle regimen and meditation practice will be explained in second skype session of 45 mins.
5. You will get unlimited Online (email, whats app) support. One session will address 5 kgs of weight loss and will continue till the target is achieved.

Please fix an appointment before booking the service. I am in India, so I will get back to you according to Indian Daytime.
Video Consultation will be through skype/Google Duo/Whats App/ Viber etc.
Consultation time will be according to your convenience.
The ayurvedic treatment plan will be prepared in maximum 48 hours.
In another 30 min. video counseling, I will explain the treatment plan.
All medicines prescribed are available online on Amazon.com or other portals.
All medicines are herbal and no heavy metal or minerals are used during the treatment.
You can get back to me anytime on email or whats app once the treatment starts.

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