Vibrational Readings from a Medical Intuitive

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Highly accurate vibrational reading sessions by a world renowned medical intuitive .. You will gain Alot of highly specific and Direct information pertaining to your Health on all levels - Physical , emotional , mental & Spiritual ...

In the Physical Domain , You Will receive very accurate readings for Levels of toxicity affecting the body including Heavy Metals , Chemicals , Radiation , And Environmental contaminants that may be challenging your Optimal Health ... Further Readings can identify Parasites such as Viruses , Bacteria , Worms , and Even Fungal & Mold Problems ..
Beyond that , Nutritional and Vitamin / Mineral deficiencies will be pointed out .. This is the Equivalent of having multiple blood Tests and Examinations from a wide range of Doctors ..

Much like in Kinesiology , we recognize that the body is always communicating it just needs a trained listener . Jason is Highly Trained in his field of Vibrational Reading , Energy Healing , Ayurveda , Detox and Nutritional Sciences .. He has many clients around the works that depend on his Readings to get clear and Accurate Health Information & Spiritual Guidance ...

The Session will last 45 minutes ... The client is Welcome to submit their own questions for Vibrational Readings & Medical Intuitive Guidance .. It always happens that the client leaves the session with much more Direct and helpful information than what they originally planned for ..

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