Naturopathic and Nutrition Consultation

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Naturopathic and nutrition consultation via videochat?
During your initial consultation (90min) i will take a detailed case history. We will discuss and analyse your health questionnaire diet diary as well as most recent blood test results. Furthermore we will undertake some diagnostic techniques, such as: tongue and nail examination.

A program will be messaged to you up to 72h of the initial consultation. It will include detailed explanation of how your dietary and lifestyle habits may be contributing to your symptoms. As well as bespoke nutrition and lifestyle recommendations together with a couple of helpful handouts. A shorter videochat/phone free session will be arranged for further explanation of your plan and potential questions.
High-quality natural supplements (Nutraceuticals, Dietary herbs, Bach Flower Remedies, Tissue Salts, Basic Homeopathic Remedies, Therapeutic Teas) may be included in your plan specific to your requirements. Comprehensive laboratory tests (conventional blood and/or functional testing) may be required, depending on your unique needs.

The nutritional plan is based on a wholesome balanced diet.
According to your individual needs the plan may suggest specific food eliminations, but always under supervision and for a specific period of time, or recommendations of therapeutic foods to be included more in your diet. A healthy protocol should be easy to follow, enjoyable and not restrictive. You will learn the difference between a healthy balanced diet and an allegedly ”healthy” fad diet. As well as the dissimilarity between high-quality controlled supplementation and high-street doubtful -quality supplements.

All health and nutrition protocols are developed very meticulously. They are based on the latest scientific research. They are tailored to fit your unique biochemistry and bodily needs, while targeting the underlying cause of your symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves.

Follow-up (45min)
Depending on your individual needs a follow-up is booked at 4-6 weeks of your initial consultation and will become less frequent as improvement is seen. It is advisable that you come for at least two follow-up consultations to review your progress.

How quickly can I expect to see results?
You will almost always start seeing positive changes within the first week of the initial consultation (such as improved energy, better sleep, improved digestion, enhanced mood and clearer mind), however the time needed for complete restoration of balance and infirmity is highly dependent on the unique constitution of the individual, the chronicity of symptoms and the level of compliance and determination.

How many consultations will I need?
On average clients have 2-3 follow-up consultations depending on their health concerns, initial level of health and motivation/compliance. With most health problems, three to six months allows the body enough time to rectify the problem and restore vitality.

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