Cancer coaching with a Medical Intuitive

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Well known Medical Intuitive and Natural Health Practitioner will meet you where you are in your journey with Cancer or Chronic Disease .. Jason has nearly 2 decades in High Level Holistic Training with Direct Experience working with Cancer and Chronic Disease Cases .. He employs his Specialized Gifts in Medical Intuition , Vibrational Readings , and Perceptive Counseling to help his Clients to Walk Their Courageous Path of Healing and Overcoming their Health Challenges .. No Matter what the Diagnosis is from Mainstream Medicine , their is always Underlying Factors & Imbalances which are the True Root Causes of any Cancer or Chronic Disease .. Jason is Excellent in his ability to Read Your Body's "Energetic Information" in Distance and provide you with Real Clarity and understanding of What factors of Imbalance are present and Guide you expertly in how to Fix and Restore that Balance ..

He has many cases of Success in Helping those who were once Diagnosed with Cancer and after following his advice and programs , are now by Medical Evaluation 'Cancer free' .. For many Souls , Cancer is just a Wake up Call letting them know that its time to make some Powerful changes .. Jason is a High Level Health Practitioner , Coach & guide, Counselor , and a Reliable Source of Wisdom and Clarity ...

If you have received the diagnosis of "Cancer" or Chronic Disease - its just the beginning of a Great Transformation .. You have an Ally in Jason who will walk with you & Assist you to Make this Transformation ..

Session is One Hour Long and Includes initial Consulation , Comprehensive Medical Intuitive Assessment which includes all levels : Physical , Emotional , Mental , & Spiritual , and Initial Guidance and Direction ....
This First Session often covers Heavy Metal Assesment , Chemical Toxicity , Parasites , Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies ... Also Explores Emotional Factors , Mental & Spiritual Causes for the Disease ....

You Will leave the Session with a lot of information that would be hard to get in even Multiple Doctor Visits .. Information that is Directly Implicit to your Own Specific Health Condition is Incredibly Valuable and often the result of years of Visiting Different Health specialists and much Trial & error .... Jason is Happy to Provide this Level of Direct Clarity in his Medical Intuitive Sessions so you can advance in

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