Ayurveda for Skin Problems

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According to Ayurveda, skin is formed as the cream is formed from the boiling milk. This means that all the physiological functions of the body have a direct or indirect effect on the skin. As a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, a healthy skin also results naturally from the overall health of the body.
Unfortunately, we normally depend on chemical-based topical creams to treat skin problems, which has no long-term effects.
Even if we are using herbal or Ayurvedic products for the skin. It is important to know the body type and the skin type in order to get the maximum benefit from the nature-based products. Every individual has a unique Prakrati or body type. For example, a Toyota is different from Ferrari. Parts of Toyota will never fit Ferrari and vice versa. Therefore it is important to use what fits you.I will try to discover your body type before planning a treatment.
Ayurveda offers excellent natural solutions for skin problems like vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections etc for curative as well as preventive purposes.
Ayurveda also offers personalized beauty treatments for all kinds of skin and herbal solutions for problems like wrinkles, scar, marks, acne etc.

The Ayurvedic skincare consultation includes

45 min.-1 hour initial consultation consists of body type and disease assessment
Ayurvedic Diet Plan
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Plan
Ayurvedic Detox Plan
Ayurvedic Remedies/Medicine Recommendation

Please fix an appointment before booking the service. I am in India, so I will get back to you according to Indian Daytime.
Video Consultation will be through skype/Google Duo/Whats App/ Viber etc.
Consultation time will be according to your convenience.
The ayurvedic treatment plan will be prepared in maximum 48 hours.
In another 30 min. video counseling, I will explain the treatment plan.
All medicines prescribed are available online on Amazon.com or other portals.
All medicines are herbal and no heavy metal or minerals are used during the treatment.
You can get back to me anytime on email or whats app once the treatment starts.

Wish you a radiant skin!

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