Ayurveda for Pregnancy

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Ayurveda prescribes a nine-month program for the expecting mothers called Nava Mans Chikitsa. This program is designed to help expecting mothers to have healthy and wise progeny.The program aims at following objectives -

Prevention of miscarriage/abortions
Maintenance of hormonal balance
Appropriate nutrition through Ayurvedic meals and health supplements

Components of the program

45 mins online Body constitution assessment
Month on month personalized diet plan
Month on month personalized lifestyle plan
Personalized Ayurvedic cooking tips
Personalized yoga and meditation plan
30 min. online explanatory session
1-hour Anti-Stress counseling

The higher aim of the program is to invite the noble souls back to the earth. Anyone who is not able to pay can request for a free consultation.

This program does not recommend any Ayurvedic medicine containing alcohol or heavy metals. All the formulations recommended are herbal health supplements, completely safe for consumption.

Please fix an appointment before booking the service. I am in India, so I will get back to you according to Indian Daytime.
Video Consultation will be through skype/Google Duo/Whats App/ Viber etc.
Consultation time will be according to your convenience.
The ayurvedic treatment plan will be prepared in maximum 48 hours.
In another 30 min. video counseling, I will explain the treatment plan.
All medicines prescribed are available online on Amazon.com or other portals.
All medicines are herbal and no heavy metal or minerals are used during the treatment.
You can get back to me anytime on email or whats app once the treatment starts.

Have a happy pregnancy and a wise progeny!

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