Ayurveda for Chronic Cold and Tonsilitis

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According to Ayurveda, any disease happens nor because of external agencies like microbes, but because of the susceptibility of the body to fall sick. Ayurveda treatment focuses on increasing the disease resistance of the body. Basically, it helps your body to return to the original state of flawless metabolism and good health, like that of a child!

According to Ayurveda, chronic cold happens because of physiological disturbances in the body, which provide a loophole or a suitable environment for microbes to fester. For example, there can be a terrorist attack only if the intelligence and security agencies are not efficient. Otherwise, many terror plans can be nipped in the bud. There is no need to kill someone physically if the oxygen supply is removed. Therefore, instead of killing the microbes, let us eliminate the environment for them to grow through Ayurveda.

Chronic Cold/ Seasonal Flu prevention includes:

1 hour online Ayurveda Body Type Assessment
Personalized Preventive Dietary Plan
Personalized Preventive Lifestyle Plan
Herbal Supplements Prescription
Stress Management Counseling
1 follow-up after 1 month

Tonsilitis prevention includes the same components as the treatment for the chronic cold. Any other kind of upper-respiratory-tract infections can be covered in this program.

Please fix an appointment before booking the service. I am in India, so I will get back to you according to Indian Daytime.
Video Consultation will be through skype/Google Duo/Whats App/ Viber etc.
Consultation time will be according to your convenience.
The ayurvedic treatment plan will be prepared in maximum 48 hours.
In another 30 min. video counseling, I will explain the treatment plan.
All medicines prescribed are available online on Amazon.com or other portals.
All medicines are herbal and no heavy metal or minerals are used during the treatment.
You can get back to me anytime on email or whats app once the treatment starts.

Wishing you a breath of relief!

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