Holistic Nutritional therapy

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Holistic Nutritional therapy online

Holistic Nutritional therapy is not only about healthy eating. It is a form of complementary medicine which incorporates diet, fluids and supplements, together with natural healing techniques, in order to help the body repair and restore itself naturally. Nutritional Therapy can be used to treat many conditions:

Anxiety and depression
Lack of energy
Bloating / Water retention
Constipation / Diarrhoea
Food allergies and food intolerances
Being prone to colds and infections
High blood pressure
Skin complaints
Risk of cancer and heart disease
Arthritis / Rheumatism / Osteoporosis
PMS / Menopause
Particular needs of pregnancy and lactation, infancy and old age
Special needs of people, such as athletes, teenagers and some immigrant groups whose situations could put them at dietary risk.

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