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Your body hears everything your mind and soul say.

 Higher consciousness healing is a simple, fast, easy method for overcoming pain, fatigue, and psychological problems.

Learn to unlock the power of your intention to create optimal health and increase your happiness.
Just as your own consciousness is the essence of your own mind, Cosmic consciousness is he essence of the entire universe.
Mind, matter and space- everything is floating within it.

The core of higher-consciousness healing is, quite simply, to make contact with our higher consciousness — the part of our mind that is more loving and wise than our everyday consciousness. If we follow a spiritual path, we may choose to perceive our higher consciousness as a central figure of our religion or tradition. However, we do not need to be religious or spiritual in order to benefit from higher-consciousness healing. The essence of our higher consciousness is altruistic love — a form of love that is available to everyone, regardless of whether they are spiritual.

Higher-consciousness healing will help us communicate with our higher consciousness and make its wisdom and love available to solve our personal problems