Alternative Medicine

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We help patients find their remote consultation with an alternative medicine practitioner online!

Alternative medicine includes natural and herbal remedies, mind-body therapies, massage therapy, and other types of bodywork.

At Heartgrain we aim to give easy access to alternative doctors and holistic health practitioners. We found deeply engaged holistic health practitioners and motivated doctors that were an even bigger inspiration for our Heartgrain adventure.

Our platform enables high-profile holistic health practitioners to share their knowledge and get directly in touch with their patients.

Why should you choose alternative and complementary medicine?

Firstly,  it gives you choices. When we make a choice we have decided to change and the power of positive change in our lives is the most important step in healing.

 Secondly, it is helpful and cost effective. Natural therapy can offer significant positive results quickly. In addition, alternative providers spend a fair amount of time with their patients, which is very important and has therapeutic benefit in itself.

Online consultation with alternative medicine doctor is convenient, affordable and easy. Chat for free to learn more.