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Our mission is to empower you achieve and maintain your optimum physical and mental health in a natural, holistic way.

We will help you find the right holistic therapy or procedure for your specific symptoms and your individual health goal.

Get guided by our certified holistic practitioners and finally feel well naturally and get rid of what imbalances your body, mind and spirit!

To make alternative health accessible for more people, our practitioners offer a basic health consultation for the uniformed price of $49. Of course you can book extra services and consultations.

Our professionals come from many well-known holistic health fields, such as Women’s health, Alternative medicine, Nutrition as well as Reiki and Energy healing & Spiritual balance!

Get to know Heartgrain and our team!

If you are not sure what holistic health system best fits your needs – use our matchmaker on our Home page!

Describe your symptoms, health goals and why you suffer and we will match you with the right practitioners that will suggest a personalized and individual treatment.

Start your journey to a better, healthier you today! Online & convenient! 

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