The Shamanic ceremony – explained!

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A Sacred Tree, or Pole of Ascension, the Axis Mundi, was erected in the center of the Shaman’s house or in the common house. This officiated the Shaman being called upon by the people to undergo a Shaman’s Little-Death.

In this Little-Death the Shaman moves into an intentional near death experience, enabling the Shaman’s Spirit to go free of the body and then to travel into the realms and domains accessible to one in that state. Utilizing the means available, dependent upon the cultural methodology, the Shaman would enter into a deep trance that would allow his/her spirit to fly free.

Amongst the northern Asiatic peoples I have mentioned, the method of slipping into the catatonic state of a Shaman’s Death was to eat the potent entheogenic mushroom we know as Amanita muscaria. The Amanita is bright red with white spots covering its flesh (like Santa Claus’ suit). Both the Shaman and the reindeer of these nomadic herders partake of this mushroom. The strong psychotropic effect the mushroom has upon the Shaman enables the Shaman’s spirit to be loosed from his/her body. Shamanic drumming is another method of achieving the prerequisite state of altered consciousness that allows the Shaman to ascend in spiritual ecstasy, or Spirit Flight.

The motif of Santa Claus riding the magic sleigh pulled by his flying reindeer is borne from this ancient rite. The Shaman is then able to follow the Spirit Path, represented by the Sacred Tree, that guides him/her to the North Star and from there into the Cosmic Realms.


The Journey Out of Darkness

The purpose of having the Shaman undertake this journey was many fold. A basic understanding of some mytho-cosmology will be helpful. At the time of the Winter Solstice the days have descended into the depths of darkness. It is at this moment, however, that the Sun begins to return, and with it, the days begin to lengthen. As the days become longer more light radiates into the world. This natural rhythm of the dance of Earth and Sun is a trigger within our psyche. As all the things that have remained hidden in the darkness begin to be revealed in the greater light of day, so do all the things that we tend to hide in our own Inner Darkness begin to be brought forth into activity as the days lengthen, just as seeds left in the darkness beneath the soil begin to sprout and grow in response to the emerging light. Generations upon generations of experiencing this cycle of our own Soul’s dynamic led the people of ancient cultures to utilize the very same patterns of nature to deal effectively with their burdens of pain and suffering, of anguish and trauma that had laid hidden within the Inner Darkness of their own Soul.


A Time of Forgiveness of Debts

 One of the greatest burdens we carry with us is the unconscious begrudging of having been wronged or a debt owed us that has been unpaid. To forgive the grudges of having been slighted, to forgive the debts owed us, brings a liberation out of suffering and into ease. Therefore, at this time of the New Year, as measured by the return of the Sun and light into our lives, a chance to start afresh is symbolically relevant. This opportunity was availed by our ancestors, and still is amongst those of us who continue with the wisdom of the ancestors, through Winter Solstice Ceremonies to release the burdens of the year past, that we may step into the new year free of the burdensomeness of clinging to how we want things to have been, rather than accepting how things are.


Another value of participating in the Shamanic engagement of the Winter Solstice’s natural rhythm expressed in our lives is to receive the gift of blessings. As these are made manifest in our lives, a renewed spark is awoken. This spark of consciousness is then tended into a glowing ember from which the fire of our passion may blaze forth.

Our modern Shaman Neil Schapera says “All of us have lost parts of our Souls as we go through life’s difficulties. It is very helpful to have these Soul parts regularly returned as a psychophysical “spring cleaning” and spiritual re-integration.”

He helps finding and retrieving Soul Parts that have been lost through life challenges and trauma delivers more integrated wholeness, including the return of crucial positive skills, attitudes, emotions and power.

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December 21, 2017