What does Spiritual healing cure?

spiritual healing cure

What does Spiritual healing cure?

Spiritual healing may help cure almost every physical disease. 

Until the last century, healing had been considered largely the prerogative of the medical profession. It looked as if within the next half century or so, materia medica  would have found a remedy for almost every physical disease now known.

In recent years, the importance of looking at the individual as a whole started to emerge in our society.  Today people begin to consider the healing of the mind, body, personal relationships, spiritual practices as important as going to the the doctor’s office when feeling sick.
Other organizations apart from the church are being formed for the purpose of engaging in research and in promoting the study and practice of various forms of healing, ranging all the way from spiritual healing to psychological and psychic healing. More and more spiritual healing is being discusses and practiced.

3 main benefits of spiritual healing

    1. Increased tolerance for pain
    2. Personal development
    3. The balanced state of mind

what does spiritual healing cure

Spiritual healing cures pain, depression and anxiety.

Spiritual healing and pain management

Pain is a complex phenomenon involving a cascade of behavioural responses, thoughts, and emotions. Many non physiologic factors (psychological, familial and societal attitudes, life stressors, and cultural or spiritual) are contributing to the experience of and response to pain. Emotional stress such as anxiety and depression play a key role in experiencing pain.  

Recent studies show that people living with chronic pain may report more intense pain and related disability, if they suffer from depression, anxiety, or both. In addition, the fear of pain causes more disability than the pain itself.

Another study found that there is a cyclical pattern of chronic pain leading to depression. and it’s causing an increase in chronic pain, creating a mutually reinforcing relationship.

Spirituality influences the experience of pain and fatigue.

Religious people are less likely to have pain and fatigue according to Baetz and Bowen.  They also found that those with chronic pain and fatigue were more likely to use prayer and seek spiritual support as a coping method compared to other people. Pain sufferers who were both religious and spiritual were more likely to have better psychological well being and use positive strategies to overcome it. Therefore, it would seem appropriate for an individual’s spirituality and/or religion to be considered as part of the evaluation and management plan, as it may be a useful coping strategy.

Spirituality and personal development

In some ways we are all the same. We all have the same human nature, common humanity, a human mind, body and feelings.

The development of personality largely depends on the quality of one’s thought. Our thinking affects our mental, intellectual and also physical make up. 

Psychosomatic disorders are a manifestations of sickness, infirmities or deprivation in one’s thinking. Refinement and creative orientation of thoughts, on the contrary  brings about positive changes at the emotional and behavioural levels. In result, improves one’s ability for progressive social adjustment.

The nature of one’s thinking and emotions is now regarded as the basis of his personal development.

Innovative research in deep-psychology towards the late 20th century has revealed some new facts that affirm some of the principles and values of spirituality. The nature of one’s thinking and emotions is the basis of his personal development. If his ideal or source of motivation is enlightened and noble, then his attitude, thoughts and hence conduct will also be of superior quality.

Renowned psychologist C. G. Jung regards devotional meditation as a necessary requirement of a refined human life. In his views, the methods of devotional worship and meditation preached under different religions of the world all provide useful and essential basis and support for healthy and overall development of one’s personality.

Today’s society recognizes different forms of spirituality, religious and non-religious. There are many practices and disciplines, but they all have one goal  – pursuit of a more meaningful life, in harmony with ourselves and with the world. 

Spiritual healing restores connection between mind and body.

Spiritual healing is finding an inner communion with something greater. Far greater, then anything in the world. It is finding ourselves in God or a god like energy/ existence. Finding ourselves in a spiritual peace, an inner peace, an inner glow. All of which comes to us with the realization of spirituality with us, the presence and power of something greater.

Resting in that peace , the body resumes its normal functions. Then we can begin our journey towards health, vitality and strength.

“Spiritual healing is the touch of the Spirit of God in man’s Soul”

spiritual healing cure


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