Ditch health trends and be healthier than ever!

health trends

It seems when it comes to business, the Health & Wellness industry is the place to be!
No wonder, everybody wants to be healthy, vital, energetic and beautiful. It is constantly on our minds – and on Social Media.

Products, devices, supplements,  information, Do’s and Don’ts are popping up all around us. Some claim to be better than others, some are backed by ‘independent research’.

I often find the overflow of information intimidating.
Especially on an important topic such as health. The fact that it grew into a trendy industry, made me hesitate.

Can we believe what researches and ‘proof’ reveal to us every day?
Haven’t there been so many contradictory findings about the health dangers of coffee or a vegan diet? Those topics are quite harmless, but what about causes of stress or blood pressure.  Health Information changes all the time!

What can we do as consumers to become and maintain our natural health! Isn’t it crazy to assume that in Health there is a ‘one size fits all’? One right thing to do and follow for all of us?

Is it smart to try all kinds of health trends and change our behavior, not knowing if, what we do or not do actually adds value to our well-being?


What does it mean to have a decent health?
Do we really have to be productive all day and still have energy for sports, hobbies, socializing? Sometimes I hear from people that they feel currently unproductive and tired. But when I look at their agenda…
Well, I find it normal that they are low in energy.

Our standards for health are pretty high, today. Do we have to be it all?

Health Minimalism
Being quite interested in the Minimalist lifestyle for some time now, I am more and more applying it to my Health and well-being – with success!
No more unnecessary products for skin and hair, no more unused memberships for gym, swimming pool, so that I feel forced to go.  I walk and work out at the beach now, because I enjoy being outside! No more unnecessary supplements! I choose quality food instead. I elevate my health by choosing the best for me not more not less. Only that.

Experiences come before stuff
In the health case: experiencing my health and well-being is part of my routine now.

I don’t only use my body, mental stability or spiritual balance to accomplish work or social tasks! No, I nourish them by making breaks to do something I enjoy, sit on the terrace for a while, call my mom or stretch.
Those are the small things that give me a boost during the day.
I also have fun going for a run without tracking, without being connected to an app or without music. 

Be the best version of yourself
Sometimes it makes us happier when we stop comparing ourselves to others. Yes, sometimes we are in competition and it elevates us. But we have to learn that we are not always and for everything in competition.

Today, it is almost crazy to live health intuitively – not to track physical activity or the caloric intake! It is like- when it is not on your app- you haven’t done it. I enjoy the experience itself rather than being distracted by having to control it. This changed a lot for me.
I want to be myself – the best version of myself! Naturally.

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April 27, 2017